Women's Cooperative

Social Development Campaign Nepal (SDCN) has helped to organize a Women's Handicraft Cooperative in Bhaktapur, Nepal. They will be teaching women how to run their own business by creating beautiful woolen products to export around the world.

Many of these women are single mothers
who support their families with their handicraft.

Nepali women are paid 25 cents for an intricate woolen hat. These wages cannot support their children. They must pay to send their children to a good school.

This cooperative will enable women to pay for schooling to enrich their family life, and help to affect their futures positively.

The cooperative is structured with a central bank account to collect and disperse the money collected from sales. A bookkeeper from the cooperative keeps production records of which artisan produced which handicraft, and pays out accordingly. Ten percent is kept in the account to be available to lend to women if needed. This practice ensures women will have income during possible hardships, as well as opening other business opportunities in the future. A percentage is allocated for school tuition and medical needs. Women are taught how to handle their finances, and to help each other.

Advisors help the women's cooperative become self-sustaining within four years. Opportunities exist for new members to join and learn how to knit from existing cooperative women. This practice promotes a self-sustaining community.

SDCN is open and willing to accept volunteers who would like to share their crafts with the cooperative to enhance the women's skills and expand their product lines.

You Can Help

Please write us for information about traveling to Nepal and sharing your creative gifts with us.


Related Organization Supporting Young Women in Nepal:

Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation (BMKF), a non-profit organization awards scholarships to universities and trade schools to underprivileged young women in Nepal. BMKF strives to find candidates whose access to systems of higher education has been limited and who otherwise would not be able to attend. With an all-volunteer board in the U.S. and volunteer advisors in the U.S. and Nepal, the majority of the donations raised goes directly to providing women with all the financial resources they will need to be successful in their educational pursuits.
The Foundation's goal is to work individually with all the recipients, giving them guidance and encouragement so that they can complete their educational programs and become self-reliant, confident and productive citizens in their own country.

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